Texas – Top 10 Things To Do

Texas is the second largest state in the country but it probably has the biggest reputation of any state.Texas is a vast land with long stretches of rural land, enormous mountains, and even bigger cities. Spend a little time in the cities, whether big or small, and you’ll get a dose of that fiercely independent Texan pride shaped by a rich culture and complex history.

Texas Scenery

In the state’s big cities like Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, some of the popular attractions include museums, SeaWorld and Six Flags, and the waterfront area of San Antonio. Even though Texas has three of the country’s largest cities, this massive state is still covered in wide open spaces and exploring one of the state’s National Parks or the National Seashore is a great way to experience the wild side of Texas.

 The Alamo

Texas The Alamo

“Remember the Alamo,” is probably a saying that most Americans have heard, but to truly appreciate and perhaps “remember” this important battle, a visit to the Alamo should be at the top of your list for Texas. The site called “the Alamo,” is the Mission San Antonio de Valero, a former mission and fortress where the Battle of the Alamo took place in 1836.

Today visitors can see the original compound which dates to the 18th century. Millions of visitors come to the Alamo each year to tour the chapel, view the museum, and see artifacts from the battle. It is also the site of special events and annual ceremonies.

Six Flags Over Texas

Texas Six Flags Over Texas

The first theme park in the legendary Six Flags chain is Six Flags Over Texas located in Arlington since 1961. The park features rides suited for all ages, with an excellent selection of thrill rides. The parts of the park are themed after Mexico and Spain, Texas, Old South and France, and the U.S.A., each representing one of the six flags.

Padre Island National Seashore

Texas Padre Island

This island located on the northern edge of Texas’ coast is high on the list of locals’ and visitors’ favorite destinations. The seashore is located on what is called North Padre Island, which has a peaceful and serene atmosphere. North Padre Island is known for its spectacular landscape and excellent beach. The park is almost entirely primitive with access only to four-wheel drive vehicle, which has made it a popular camping spot. North Padre Island features pristine beaches on undeveloped land and it is well known for its windsurfing and its population of endangered sea turtles.

State Capitol Texas

Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol, located in Austin, was built in 1885. In comparison to other capitol buildings the Texas capitol is considered to be magnificent in design and scale; at the time of its construction it was even thought to be the world’s seventh largest building. The building is designed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style and is considered to be one of America’s most stunning architectural accomplishments.

Big Bend National Park

Texas Big Bend National Park

In southeastern Texas, on the border of Mexico you’ll find Big Bend National Park.The park is home to more than a thousand native plant species, 450 bird species, 56 species of reptiles, and 76 mammal species.

For travelers who make the journey, the park is well-worth a visit. The most popular activities in the park are hiking and backpacking along the many trails of varying lengths. The park is also in close proximity to the Mexican village of Boquilllas and crossing the border to visit the town is quite common.

Top Things to Do in Texas


Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Texas Arboretum Botanical Garden

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a 66-acre botanical garden located in Dallas, Texas, on the southeastern shore of White Rock Lake. The Arboretum offers19 named gardens and numerous areas within combine to create one of the premier Dallas landmarks. Overlooking scenic White Rock Lake vibrant color displays in these gardens engage visitors throughout the seasons.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Texas Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a science museum located in Houston, Texas. The museum complex consists of a central facility with four floors of natural science halls and exhibits, the Burke Baker Planetarium, the Cockrell Butterfly Center, and the Giant Screen Theatre. To name a few of the permanent exhibitions, Hall of Ancient Egypt, Morian Hall of Paleontology, Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. Hall, Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals,  Wiess Energy Hall, Herzstein Foucault Pendulum.

Sea World San Antonio

Texas Sea World San Antonio

This is one of the most popular destinations in San Antonio. Sea World San Antonio, which  is comprised of a marine mammal park, an ocenarium, and an animal theme park.

The theme park features roller coasters and other thrill rides, as well as a section of rides for young children at Sesame Street Bay. Some of the major attractions at the marine mammal park include exhibits with killer whales, dolphins, and belugas. Other popular activities at Sea World include live-action boat and water skiing stunt shows, and water light shows.

Space Center Houston

Texas Space Center Houston

The Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and an excellent destination for visitors interested in learning about space exploration. The center includes several artifacts that are parts of former space missions including the Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 capsules, a Lunar Rover and Lunar Module, and the Apollo 17 command module.

The space center also features temporary exhibits with some of the world’s most significant and interesting space artifacts on display. Visitors to the center can enjoy guided tours, ride on the tram tour, and enjoy informative films in several theaters.

Houston Zoo

Texas Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a 55-acre zoological park located within in Houston, Texas. The Zoo houses over 6,000 animals as a part of over 900 species that the zoo has to offer. Get up close with an Animal Encounters booking one of these exclusive experiences. They come in two varieties choose from Animal Encounters with a focus on interacting with amazing animals and Behind the Scenes Experiences along with the keepers who care for Zoo animals.

Things to Do in Texas

The attractions in Texas are almost as independent as the people of Texas, with a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether your perfect vacation involves sandy beaches, shopping and club hopping, diving into the past, or flying through the air and making your heart race, Texas has something for every taste.

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