Indiana – Top 10 Things To Do

Indiana is located in the Midwest United States and is a known for its beautiful rural landscapes and well-preserved historical sites. For traditional sightseeing plan to spend some time in Indianapolis where some of the world’s most famous museums and monuments can fill your days and the city’s fine dining and entertainment options will keep you busy all night.

Indiana Scenery

Some of the best attractions in Indiana are in the most remote locations from the vistas of rolling hills and seemingly endless farmland, in the rural areas you’ll find gorgeous state parks and several historical parks and museums.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum features exhibits relating to the Indy-500 and other motor sports. At the museum visitors can see many of the Indy-500-winning cars, other races cars, trophies, other related exhibits, and the Hall of Fame which features portraits of all of the inductees since the museums creation.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the site of the infamous Indianapolis 500 Race and the 500-mile race’s Hall of Fame Museum, both top attractions in Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Children's Museum of Indinanpolis

The world’s largest children’s museum is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis a 472,000 square foot complex of five floors of exhibits halls. The museum receives more than one million visitors a year.The collection features three domains: the American Collection, the Cultural World Collection, and the Natural World Collection.

Some of the most famous exhibits are a Cretaceous dinosaur habitat, a National Historic Landmark carousel, a steam locomotive, and exhibits dedicated to the power of children such as Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, and Ryan White.

Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes State Park

One of many locals of Indiana’s favorite outdoor getaways is the beautiful Indiana Dunes State Park. The park covers 1,530 acres and includes hiking trails and tall dunes. The park is famous for its namesake dunes which were formed by the winds coming off Lake Michigan and the receding of the lake after the end of the Ice Age.

Activities at the Indiana Dunes State Park include bird watching, hiking, swimming and sunbathing, camping, cycling, and exploring the dunes.

Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University

One of America’s leading universities, Notre Dame, is also one of Indiana’s top tourist destinations. The university is located in the city of South Bend and was established in 1842. The campus is known for its class Gothic buildings and beautiful ivy-covered walls. It also has some of the most recognizable college landmarks including the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes, and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Visitors can enjoy tours of the campus led by students to learn about the history and culture of this important university.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

This combination theme park and water park, formerly is where you can go for family-style fun in Indiana. The park is located in the city of Santa Claus, Indian and contains four holiday sections Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July. Each section features themed rides, live entertainment, games, and other attractions.

The water park is safari-themed and has the world’s two longest water coasters as well as family-oriented raft slides, water slides, wave pools, a lazy river, and other attractions, slides, and play areas.

Top Things to Do In Indiana


Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

The zoo is home to 300 species housed within five biomes. Biomes are areas of the planet with similar climate, plants, and animals. Animals at the Indianapolis Zoo are clustered in groups with similar habitats which define the biomes. Explore the forests and observe red pandas hanging from the trees and tigers.

Step into the desert to see rare reptiles such as the Jamaican iguana, or roam the African plains where you’ll encounter zebras, cheetahs and giraffes. Enjoy the thrill to reaching out and actually touching the skin of the sharks as they cruise by in the Ocean Biome.

Turkey Run State Park

Turkey Run State Park

A system of trails offers hikers plenty of outing opportunities during the summer months when the drainage is relatively free of water, and the suspension footbridge across Sugar Creek, the main drainage for both parks, provides access to trails on the far side. Trail 3 is particularly noted for its ruggedness, including ladders and narrow but deep gorges.

There are six designated trails through the preserve, each with its own unique micro-climate. Depending on the season, these trails may be impassable or muddy, or refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Monument Circle

Monument Circle Indiana

Monument Circle is a circular, brick-paved street that intersects Meridian and Market streets in the center of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The soldier’s sailor’s monument is built of oolitic limestone from Owen County, Indiana. It rests on a raised foundation surrounded by pools and fountains. Broad stone steps on its north and south sides lead to two terraces at its base.

Monument Circle is the premier public gathering place in Indianapolis to commemorate notable events, including concerts, political demonstrations, and photo opportunities.

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie Indiana

Conner Prairie is one of Indiana’s most unique destinations and it is considered a living history museum. The museum is on the site of the William Conner home, a National Historic Place. Conner Prairie recreates life in Indiana in the 19th century for 21st century citizens to explore.

The museum features permanent attractions like the historic William Conner House, the 1863 Civil War Journey, the 1836 Prairie town exhibit, the 1859 Balloon Village featuring hot air balloon experiences.

Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park Indiana

Indiana’s Brown County State Park is the state’s largest and most visited state park. The park is known for breathtaking scenery. Within the park boundaries you’ll find two lakes measuring 17 and 7 acres, a variety of hiking trails, viewpoints, and campgrounds.

The park is quite popular during the fall when visitors come to observe the fall leaf changing season during which the array of colors can be seen and photographed from many of the parks vistas.

Things to Do In Indiana

From the museums and entertainment options of Indianapolis to the wide sweeping vistas of Indiana’s rolling hills and lush farmland, the Crossroads State has a vast network of great destinations for exploring nature, diving into the rich cultural heritage, and kicking back at one of many great recreation areas.

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